Edward G. Banks’ Memorial Contractor of the Year Award

Created in 1996, in memory of Ed Banks, owner of Meadows Mechanical in Gardena, Ed Banks exemplified the best characteristics of association membership. He was the consummate SMACNA member at every level, local, state and national. When the situation called for leadership, he was a leader. When the situation called for collective action, he was a team player.

Ed truly believed in the value of association membership and the benefits to be derived from it. He never said no when his participation was needed. His example stands as a model for present and future members and it is with this in mind that the Ed Banks Memorial Award was established by CAL SMACNA.

The Ed Banks Memorial Award will be presented each year to the
CAL SMACNA member who, in the opinion of the committee, best epitomizes the characteristics of Ed Banks who was, above all, a truly gentle man.

Ed Banks Memorial Award for Contractor of the Year – Joe Isom

Left: Kevin Michel, CAL SMACNA President
Right: Joe Isom, President, California Sheet Metal Works, Inc.

Joe Isom, President of California Sheet Metal Works, Inc., El Cajon California and a member of San Diego SMACNA was awarded California Association of Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors, National Association’s (CAL SMACNA) Ed Banks Memorial Contractor of the Year Award at CAL SMACNA’s 51st Annual Convention held at the Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara, California.

Joe has served his local Board as President in 1996-1997 and 2006-2007 and has served in every officer position.

He has served on CAL SMACNA’s Board of Directors since 2002, served as Secretary and Treasurer in 2006 and 2007, and on the Executive Committee 2013 through 2016 serving as President in 2013-2014.

He has served on CAL SMACNA’s Tom Guilfoy Craftsmanship Award Committee in both 2004 and 2015; Credentials Committee 2005 and 2009; Resolutions Committee 2009 and 2016; Investment Committee 2006 through 2008 and 2014 through 2016; Budget Committee 2007, 2008, and 2016; Convention Committee 2007, 2008, and 2016; Nominating Committee 2008, 2009, and 2014; Regulatory Affairs Committee 2013 through 2015;

Legislative Service Award Committee 2013 and 2014;
And Ed Banks Memorial Contractor of the Year Award Committee in 2014.
Nationally, he’s been serving on SMACNA’s Board of Directors since 2015 and has served on their Council of Chapter Representatives.

Civically he devotes time and resources to many community beneficiaries including: President of his home owner’s association from 2001 to 2005; as the team photographer for Pop Warner Football teams where he created and distributed a newsletter, and with the Roof Raisers of the YMCA.

As a Missionary Director at Grace Point Church, he and his son have been volunteering to help the needy in both San Diego and Mexico for over 10 years.
Some of his more recent activities included:
–  Joining 20 church members in God’s Extended Hand, the church’s mission for the homeless in downtown San Diego, he coordinated several building improvements including the repair of stairways, replacing windows, and painting in April 2013;
–  In March 2014 he coordinated the painting of all doors at the Primary Academy Campus and financed the re-carpeting of all the offices for staff at King Chavez Primary Academy;
–  In November 2015 he coordinated the building of a new house for a family in Tijuana, Mexico for a sister church in there, the Centro Shalom. He delegated the tasks to 25 Grace Point Church members and oversaw their work;
–  In the summer 2016, he traveled and coordinated a group of Grace Point Church members in building a nursery and staff offices of a new church building at Centro Shalom, Tijuana, Mexico.

From one of the many quotes regarding this recipient, Grace Point Church Mission Director stated “Joe has been volunteering and sharing his talents, time and treasures with us for years. He has blessed many people and communities here in San Diego and in Mexico. Personally, I am very grateful for Joe. When we go and serve we want to do a good job with our service projects, but, fact is, that most members are not experienced builders. Thanks to Joe people know what to do and how to do it. I know we are doing the job with excellence because of his coaching and close eye on our handy-work. Joe is also very generous and helpful and he offers use of equipment when we have a need for that”.

Another quote stated “Joe has a heart for those less fortunate and he doesn’t hesitate to jump in and help when he can. He is a fully engaged owner of his company, working crazy amounts of hours. The volunteer work he does is for the benefit of helping those in need, not to have his name on a board for recognition. It is a selfless heart that he has to help make the lives of those less fortunate better”

Past recipients of this award include:
1997 John Couts, Couts Heating & Cooling
1998 Kurt Smith, Smith Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc.
1999 Daren Weckerly, San Diego Sheet Metal Works
2000 Ken Hammill, Capital Sheet Metal
2001 Bill Prosser, Sr., CANFAB
2001 Garland Self, Jr., Selco Heating & Air Conditioning
2002 Jordan Ehrenkranz, Ideal Heating & Air Conditioning
2003 James Asbury, Bell Products
2004 Matthew Smith, Smith Heating & Air Conditioning
2005 Gary Moore, Air-Ex Air Conditioning
2006 Tani Poe, Western Allied Corp.
2007 Bob Tuck, Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning, Co.
2008 Jim Boone, New England Sheet Metal Works
2009 Bob Vlick, ACCO Engineered Systems
2010 Lonnie Michael, III, Ray L. Hellwig Mechanical Co., Inc.
2011 Rick Von Gottberg, Lemon Grove Sheet Metal Works, Inc.
2012 Kent Cooper, Los Angeles Air Conditioning, Inc.
2013 Mike Pence, Control Air North, Inc.
2014 Lonnie Petty, Strategic Mechanical Contractors
2015 Randy Attaway, AGC, Inc.
2016 David Lawson, Lawson Mechanical Contractors
2017 Joe Isom, California Sheet Metal Works, Inc.