TAKE ACTION TODAY- Help Support the Allowable Use of Flexible Duct for Final Connections to Air Outlets

Help Support the Allowable Use of Flexible Duct for Final Connections to Air Outlets


IAPMO is considering a clarification to the UMC this week that, if approved, would immediately clarify that flexible duct shall be permitted for use as an elbow at a terminal device. They need to hear your support for this proposal before Friday, July 28th.

ISSUE: The UMC changes that became effective in CA on January 1, 2017 are being misinterpreted by some local building officials as a ban on the use of flexible duct for elbows on final connections to air outlets. This was never intended to be the case. SMACNA and Local 104 have jointly submitted a Temporary Interim Amendment (TIA) to IAPMO for formal approval to make it clear in UMC 603.4.1 that “flexible duct shall be permitted to be used as an elbow at a terminal device.”

We need your support for this proposal today

Take action now:

Step 1: Please print out this document

STEP 2: Complete the FORM FOR TIA COMMENT ON IAPMO UPC/UMC COMMITTEE DOCUMENT on page 2. Make sure to check the box that you “AGREE” with the TIA. Also include substantiation for your comment in the space provided.

A sample substantiation is:

“There is significant confusion in the field leading to unnecessary costs and penalties to contractors and building owners. [INSERT ANY EXAMPLES OF LOCAL ENFORCEMENT ISSUES IN YOUR AREA] This proposed clarification will provide structure to the industry and reduce the cost burden now impacting all parties.”

STEP 3: Scan the completed form and email to enrique.gonzalez@iapmo.org; or FAX to Enrique Gonzalez at (909) 472-4246. If you should have any questions on submittal of your comments you may reach Enrique at the IAPMO offices at (909) 230-5535.

STEP 4: Send a copy of your comments to emily@cal-smacna.org or FAX to (916) 363-7544

Remember: Deadline to submit is Friday, July 28th!